It is now normal for industry to have one focal point for machine setting; information feedback and operator control. To do this, the normal practice is to have a PLC that is linked to a separate touchscreen. One Stop Automation has now completed a number of systems where we have fitted a Proface screen which has served as operator interface and PLC. There are a number of reasons why we would use and recommend Pro-face screens. The AGP range are a good solid touch screen with on-board PLC function but require extra modules for the remote i/o (Inputs and Outputs). This suits applications where space is limited and budgets are reduced.


The Pro-face LT range has nearly the same functionality as the AGP but is slightly cheaper and has some on-board inputs and outputs 16 in 16 out, which for a lot of applications is adequate. It then becomes a very cost effective option where the control and screen are combined. We have found the LT range to be very successful and robust in applications that have a reduced budget. We have used them in a wide range of projects from industrial food manufacture to automotive plants.


The latest edition to the Proface family is the AGP4100 which is a very cost effective small touchscreen, which we have been fitting to small systems to give additional feedback and control to. We have successfully established communications with Servo drive systems via RS232, and Mitsubishi PLCs Via RS485, as well Ethernet and Modbus links with these small screens.


To give you an idea of how versatile these small screens are we have developed an application where we have an AGP4100 Proface touch screen communicating to a motor inverter that has an onboard PLC. This means that the screen is both talking to the Motor inverter and the PLC at the same time. This is ideal for a simple ‘gated’ product feeding conveyor that makes the whole system financially viable.