New Control System

One Stop Automation can provide a bespoke design and build service to meet your company’s needs.


We routinely design, build and programme pneumatic and electric control panels for the food and manufacturing sectors.


We have provided a range of systems including large safety monitoring systems for the autosport world, silo batching systems for large food producers and automated camera inspection for quality control in the automotive sector.


Types of systems that we can provide are:


  • PLC based,
  • SERVO systems,
  • Motor Inverter systems,
  • SCADA systems.


A typical project would include:


  • Design of the control system alongside the customer
  • Proposal put forward
  • Manufacture of electrical and mechanical parts
  • Installation of the control panel/s
  • Commissioning and support to the customer
  • Long term support of the system


If you are interested in One Stop Automation helping you with a project, then please call us on 01993 220263.